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The Vegeta Dynasty


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These are all the Vegeta Quotes that I can remember from watching the American Version of DBZ.
The quotes come frist and then the person whoose he's talking to. So don't get it wrong!
Example: 'That would take too long' -Gohan
It means that Vegeta was talking to Gohan at the time. ^_^

"Either shut up, or put up!" -Zarbon

"Well let the pretty boy follow me."- thought while being followed by Zarbon

"Ill get you! Theres no escape! My word!!" -Gohan

"If you like it so much you can have it" -Mirai Trunks

"Stop pestering me woman, leave me alone!" -Bulma

"The sleeper has awakened, I am the prince of saiyans once again!" -Piccolo, #19 ,#20, Gohan, Krillin, Tien

"Why did you have to go do that for?" -Mirai Trunks

"Showoff" - Perfect Cell

"Quiet! Ive had enough of your insolence! Get out of my face!" -The tournament reporter

"His stupidity is beyond belief!" -About Mr. Satan

"This is absoulte madness!! There nothing but children!"-
thought about Cell Jrs

"Trunks my son...Kakarott this is all your could I let this happen to my son...he has sacrificed everything for me...but then Ive done nothing but ignore him...there is still time to change things...Cell has crossed me for the last time, he has tricked me in battle, mocked my saiyan ancestry, but this, this time has gone too far, he will pay the ultimate price for what he has done to my son..." -When Mirai Trunks got pierced through the heart by Perfect Cell (my friend forced me to put this in.)

"I've become completely useless on this battlefield...Im making a total mockery of my Saiyan Race...Im sorry Gohan, I am..." -Gohan

"Goodbye Bulma, Trunks...even you Kakarotto..."- Self destructing against Buu

"Trunks is going to pulverize this noisy fool. World
Champion! I've known stronger house plants!" Thinking about Mr. Satan in the World Tournment. (Courtesy of Shadowshy)

I just got a whole heap of quotes from Shadowshy, SO GIVE HER ALL THE CREDIT!!! Otherwise, enjoy!

"One, two, three!" - (I thought this scene was really
funny) Its Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan playing
rock-paper-scissors to determine who will fight Puipui
one-on-one. I think they do it about nine times before the
winner is determined.

"Ha ha ha! Scissors win!" - to Goku and Gohan.

"The only moron in this place in Babadi. He didn't
investigate this planet very thoroughly did he? If he had,
he'd know that the most powerful fighter alive is standing
in front of you."

"Well I guess that's unfortunate then. Since you won't be
able to hurt me, you won't be able to steal my energy." -
Puipui told him that the room they're fighting in absorbs
the energy lost if he hits him. That was Vegeta's

"This guy is really annoying." - saying it to himself about

"Welcome to the end of your life! And I promise it's going
to hurt!"

"Ready for the pain?"

"Looking for me?"

"What's wrong? Had enough?"

"Maybe if this was 500 times gravity, you might have an
advantage. But 10? I don't even feel it." - Babidi
suddenly used his magic to change the atmosphere of the
room to Puipui's home planet conditions. The gravity is 10
times stronger than earth there.

"Maybe I am. Hard to tell." - Puipui thought Vegeta was
bluffing about not being affected by the gravity change.

"So you still think I'm bluffing?" - said after Vegeta
kicked Puipui's ass some more.

"I'm amazed that Babidi would send us such a weakling." -
talking to Goku and Gohan after he defeats Puipui.

"Children. So easily amused." - talking to himself about
Goku and Gohan.

If you have any better quotes for Vegeta then i have (bet you do...) then pleaz send them in, send them in!!!